Kitchenet Cast Iron Square Grill Pan - 10.24"

Kitchenet Cast Iron Square Grill Pan - 10.24"

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The KitcheNet’s Cast Iron Square Grill Pan is made of high quality cast iron grill pan which provides superior heat retention and distribution for even cooking. It can retain heat after being removed from the source of heat, giving you the ability to keep your foods warm longer. It’s big enough for grilling and small enough for easy transport. It comes pre-seasoned without the use of chemicals.


The cast iron grill pan is perfect for grilling on your stove top or oven. However, you'll want to, and can, take it on your next outdoor adventure. The ease of grilling on the pan will make it your go to even while using a grill.! 658921944738


Total length: 41.5cm , Witdh:26cm , Depth: 4.5cm , Handle length:15.5cm , Weight : 6 lbs approx.