KitcheNet Reversible Griddle Grill Pan - 15" x 9"

KitcheNet Reversible Griddle Grill Pan - 15" x 9"

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Whether cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner, all of your burgers, pancakes and steaks will cook to perfection. Cast iron construction allows for even heat distribution, eliminating cold spots. Excellent for camping. Pre-seasoned and ready to cook.
NATURALLY NON STICK - Pre-seasoning creates nonstick surface without added fats or synthetic coating. Pan gets better the more you use it.
High quality cast iron provides superior heat retention and dispersal for even cooking; it retains the heat for longer even when away from its source of heat.
Perfect for baking, frying, and slow-cooking, and safe for use on the stove-top, in the oven, and over grills and campfires - it’s like having multiple pans in one


Length: 38cm, Width: 23cm, Thickness: 1.5cm, Weight: 7 lb. approx The reversible feature, of this crowd-pleasing cooker, means you can use the smooth side for cooking flapjacks, eggs, and grilled cheese sandwiches, and the ridged grill side for hamburgers, steaks and sausages. A slight slope drains fat into a generous grease gutter, and the two loop-style handles provide safe transport. 658921944769